One of the most important aspects that makes the Youth Collaborative more than an organization, but a family and a movement, is the effort of our adult volunteers. Our adult leaders take on many roles that form the glue and the fuel of our work, whether it's providing transportation, leading a workshop, or connecting with parents. Through it all, the common factor that makes every volunteer's help crucial is their involvement in showing our teens HEALTHY, MENTORING RELATIONSHIPS with adults. Many of the urban youth come from broken academic settings where they are either targeted by authority figures or constantly forced to perform in an ever-changing curriculum at the whims of bureaucracy. Our adult volunteers provide a much-needed counterpoint--they listen to what the youth have to say and offer positive encouragement to help them overcome the profound stresses of adolescent life.

Every adult leader goes through a background check, a monthly equipping session, and is given the freedom to add their own unique perspective to our lesson plans. Most important of all, our volunteers do not merely provide a helping hand, but they are encouraged to take ownership and contribute to the overall direction of the Youth Collaborative. We want our volunteers to help us build toward a new, SHARED VISION where every voice is truly appreciated. This includes being invited to board meetings, financial transparency, and a democratic decision-making process. If the Youth Collaborative is to thrive in the long term, it means our adult leaders must be engaged in a plan of action that is not only sustainable, but life-giving and empowering for themselves as well as for the teens. A true collaboration in every sense of the word.

Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and professional fields, but what they all share is a spiritual yearning to build a better human community and a passion for seeing youth succeed.


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