Heading Into Year 2!

With the first year of the Youth Collaborative wrapping up, it's amazing to look back and see all the transitions and ups & downs that happened in the span of just 12 months. As our group grew and our needs adjusted, we had to change meeting locations a few times. With this lack of consistency, our volunteer core changed a couple times in the early going, but many many thanks to our committed staff who stayed flexible and dedicated to being an active part of our teenagers' lives.  In terms of support, the Collaborative was able to operate smoothly thanks to contributions from friends and fans who gave financially to the various business ventures that the teens embarked on this year! From selling homemade donuts, to organizing a very popular sidewalk sale, to designing t-shirts and mugs, the creative energy that our team utilized to get all these projects off the ground was quite impressive.

Heading into the new year, two key themes that come to mind are stability and expansion. We hope, through even more fruitful partnerships than before, that we can impact the lives of more teenagers for success today.  Our strategies for this growth include increasing our capacity for mentorship, while seeking out more venues where the teens can grow their various businesses. Providence is home to so many beautifully diverse families with cultures from all around the world, and we pray to God that the Youth Collaborative can have some small part to play in the flourishing of these families.