A Successful Sale

The teens, supervised by a couple of our adult mentors, worked hard at our sidewalk sale this past weekend. This was a great opportunity for them to learn how to speak with customers, prioritize tasks, and develop discipline. There was a good balance of work and play as teens who normally wouldn't get along in a classroom context had a chance to get to know and appreciate each other.

The sidewalk sale was mutually beneficial for both us and for the neighbors who came to peruse our goods, as we offered great deals on good quality items. We also put out a "Freebies" table for anyone who needed a little more help. In addition to the used goods we also sold our hand-crafted kettle corn and youth artwork--the kitty t-shirts we printed were very well received.

In the end our young entrepreneurs raised more than we had anticipated, and we look forward to voting with the teens what will be the best ways to use our profits. Of course we'll re-invest most of it into our upcoming business projects, but with a job well done we think a fun community outing should be in the works soon!