Over the past year, we've had a blast mentoring our teens and exploring the Providence metropolitan area together. In addition to our entrepreneurial projects, we've found that photography has been a great way to facilitate community bonding. Sometimes we just drive around Providence looking for interesting shots, which often lead us off the beaten path. Here's a collection of some of the photos we took around the city.

Song: Fade Away

In the Youth Collaborative we want to help our teens take tangible steps forward to be empowered in achieving their goals. That could range anywhere from web design to business ideas to various expressions of art. So using our very simple video equipment and some free online beats, we're helping one of our aspiring rappers to begin learning the basics of music production. Going by the rap name Biowave, he wanted to write a song that would have a positive message with a hip hop edge to it. Check it out below!

Comic: Meeting Girls at the Froyo Shop

Presenting our first comic strip! The teens and staff have been tinkering with comic ideas for awhile. We decided the easiest way for us to work on a comic and innovate together is by just turning ourselves into the characters and telling our real stories.

For instance, today's strip highlights Anyelo's prowess with meeting strangers for the first time. Enjoy!