For the past couple weeks we've been setting up partnerships with local education centers to create internships for our teenagers. Through the Met School and the Providence Transition Academy, three of our teens will be given the opportunity to continue working on the projects they've already been invested in, but to do so with the added incentive of school credit and advanced workplace training! Our newly appointed interns have already begun to take a bigger role in the entrepreneurial aspect of our program, such as more control over our social media venues and overseeing all phases of the production process. Their added time and commitment will be a key factor in the growth of the Youth Collaborative over the next few months as they take on fuller responsibilities and utilize this time to test out their own designs and ideas. 

If you'd like to encourage the teens in their further education, please don't hesitate to donate to our cause. The wider community can powerfully help us in this endeavor, as your donations will help to cover expenses such as lunch for the teens, upgrading our studio equipment, and making it possible for their more ambitious business ideas to come to fruition.