The Youth Collaborative teaches lifelong empowerment
to urban teens through entrepreneurship and mentoring.

God has already endowed these youth with a passion for change and the motivation to succeed. The Collaborative merely provides them with opportunities to apply their innate creativity, through entrepreneurship and multimedia arts projects. This movement does not follow the format of a traditional youth group, but rather exists as an innovative outreach established on the principles of holistic development. Alongside the life skills, discipline, and joy that come from developing their own enterprises, the youth also become spiritually empowered. Through relevant character-building discussions and stable, long-term relationships with adult mentors, our youth will not only be given the freedom to speak their minds, but the assurance that they will be heard.

The Youth Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in Rhode Island.




Good habits and good teaching in themselves will not ensure positive transformation for a teenager's future success. Rather, it is a holistic desire for the good life, bolstered by a robust community of supportive adult guides, that will ultimately lead to change.



Cross-cultural sensitivity not only challenges our presuppositions, but more importantly it grows our compassion for the people around us. This humility is essential if we hope to communicate with teens from the many unsupported socioeconomic backgrounds in our city.



Youth are brimming with a deep personal drive, but adults, authoritarian institutions, and the stress of everyday life often stifle that fire within. By giving them the freedom and the resources to pursue their passions, teens can see that who they are matters and what they do has value.



The best way for a community to come together is through the regular practice of celebration. Through shared meals, social outings, and especially parties, we want everyone in the Youth Collaborative to experience life at its fullest--authentic joy in the here and now.